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Brystol Rumschlag

Growing up Brystol Rumschlag attended Lake Fenton K-12 school system where the importance of a solid community based education was instilled in her. This led Bystol to Mott Community College and Central Michigan University where she earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. After her time in higher education she spent over 6 years in the event and marketing industry in the Metro Detroit area. This is where Brystol discovered her love for building relationships within her community and providing exceptional customer service. Ultimately, Brystol's predilection for design, home decor, and real estate culminated in her getting her real estate license. In becoming a real estate agent and partnering with Jeff Glover & Associates, Brystol would say she's found herself at home.

For Brystol, it has been a true joy watching Fenton turn into a destination for lake living with exceptional restaurants. Growing up around the lakes in southern Genesee county gave her a deep appreciation for the lifestyle offered by one of Michigan's greatest natural resources. This is exactly why Brystol has such a deep passion for helping buyers and sellers alike move in and around the southeastern Michigan area. With an established reputation for providing exceptional customer service and a deep love for her home state, Brystol is ready to assist you in finding your next home here in Michigan.

When not out selling homes or analyzing the real estate market, Brystol loves to golf, snow ski and hang out with her rescue animals.

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