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Kelly Justice

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Kelly Justice

Kelly Justice was raised by two amazing parents in Livonia, MI. Her family is her biggest supporters. Kelly has 3 beautiful children and because of her love and support for the southeast Michigan area, she continues to reside here. This is where she works, attends services, attends school and gives back to so it only makes sense that she continues to specialize and invest in the area while continuing to help those around her.

Kelly began selling homes as a hobby in 2003 when her children were young. Her hobby then turned into a passion. After exploring and gaining knowledge in multiple areas of Real Estate including Commercial Real Estate, Investing, Property Management, Leasing, and Residential Sales, she realized that her professional negotiating skills are best utilized in assisting homeowners in selling and buying their homes. She has worked with the top Real Estate teams in the state of Michigan and understands clearly how the team dynamic can benefit her clients.

Along with this dynamic, she is also committed to providing excellent customer service that delivers an unreal experience in every transaction for my clients. Kelly’s goal is to listen to understand and value the positions her clients are in. With this understanding, she is determined to have a proactive approach to assisting each client to achieve the best. Her knowledge and expertise is put to work for each client she assists with a drive to win for them!

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