Anthony Bertrand

Anthony BertrandBorn and raised in the Detroit area, I have always had dreams and aspirations of a thriving career in real estate. With a child and young adulthood filled with sporting activities, I have always had the instilled habits of hard work, sacrifice, taught to compete at a high level, and do more than the competition. With that being mentioned, the mindset that I continue to maintain is that of, “Its all about We, Not Me” (this goes for my clients, customers, and team).

After graduating from a Performing Arts High School in the Metro Area, with the Top Male GPA and being the top 1% of my graduating class of over 150 students, I had the options to go to many colleges across the country. I ended up attending Eastern Michigan University since it was in a convenient area for me and they offered an Academic Scholarship.

After 2 years at EMU I entered the field of sales. At the time like many entry level sales people, you tend to come into a large industry with high hopes and not knowing much of what to expect. After putting in the extra hours, working diligently on what changes I needed to make to adapt, and making the commitment to the business; I immediately noticed that I practiced the characteristics that you need for success in this business all my life. By that I mean I have always been willing to work hard, sacrifice (meaning it's not about me, together everyone achieves more), always compete at a high level, and do more than the competition (if we do not satisfy our clients, customers, and prospects someone else will). With those being some of my strongest qualities, I knew I was in it for the long haul. I would simply be living my purpose. Which is why I decided that working with the most powerful Real Estate Sales Team in North America would be a natural fit for me.

Direct: 855 JEFF SELLS

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