Mason Petty

Mason PettyAfter leaving the Marine Corps in 2008 I attended Wayne State University. While studying there I worked a couple nights a week tending bar at a pub not too far from campus, and one night as I was closing up I had a regular give me his business card and say "I told my boss about you, show up on Thursday and you have a job, you can't be a bartender forever." I had never thought about sales before, but that brief exchange started my career in automotive sales, which would eventually lead me to Jeff Glover Associates (JGA).

In my final few months of selling cars, I felt as if I was missing something sitting behind a desk from bell to bell at the dealership, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I contacted an old friend who works with JGA when I was looking at purchasing some property to start a business, and I immediately knew what I was missing. He set up an interview for me and I haven't looked back! In 2019 I plan to help at least 50 clients buy and sell property! When I'm not working you can find me in the garage working on my race car, making music with friends, and hanging out with my rescue dog, Truman!

Direct: 855-JEFF-SELLS

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