Susan Berry

Susan BerrySelling homes is my passion! I am currently working with Jeff Glover and Associates, Keller Williams Realty in the Plymouth/Birmingham offices. Prior to this, I worked in the REO industry for 7 years as an assistant to a highly successful REO Realtor. We worked with multiple, well known banks such as HSBC, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Fifth Third Bank, etc. and during that time I have gained experience in every aspect of the industry; including default management, foreclosure, and REO as well as working with Buyers and Agents alike. All of the years working behind the scenes has given me so much more of an insight as to how this industry works. I find that having this experience has been a valuable tool when working with a Buyer or a Seller.

My business philosophy places honesty and integrity above all else in catering to my clients needs. This service-oriented approach means the world to my clients. It”s not just about the “sale” for me, I am all about the experience.  I want my clients to have 100% faith that I have their best interest in mind at all times.  I wouldn’t advise my clients to do something, that I wouldn’t personally do for myself.  I know that is what sets me apart from any other Agent out there.

As most agents scramble to be all things to all people, I believe that home buyers and sellers value the knowledge and expertise of an agent who truly specializes in their type of property. My ever-evolving business strategy all comes down to one idea: Identify a need or want of the consumer and find an innovative way to deliver. I believe that formula will always result in success.

Direct: 855 JEFF SELLS

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