What Our Agents Are Saying

Susan Berry
I joined JGA because I could never beat out any of the agents on the team… If you can’t beat them join them! I stay because I love the accountability and the competition. I am the type of person that thrives when challenged and I get to work daily with some of the brightest and most innovative agents in our real estate market. That to me is priceless. I have been with Jeff Glover and Associates, Realtors for the past two years and it has been a great decision!

—Susan Berry
I joined JGA because I knew in order to strive towards my full potential I needed to surround myself with people who would force me to grow even if it was uncomfortable which is what we have here. What makes me stay apart of the team is simple, Here we have a leader that’s willing to take the risk, willing to go all in with expanding the company which obviously lead to opportunities for myself and others which I plan to take full advantage of. Many companies tend to keep you in a box, that does not happen at JGA. We have endless possibilities.

—Anthony Bertrand
Anthony Betrand
Jad Sweis
Why I joined JGA is because there is structure and a strong foundation of knowledge and support, and most importantly accountability to make you a successful agent, such things usually do not exist in other companies that I had experienced. The culture that has been created by JGA is second to none in our industry, which gets you excited to be part of a family that wants to see you succeed at a high level. I enjoy being able to be part of one the biggest decisions in my client’s life, and help them achieve their goal of either buying or selling.

—Jad Sweis
I enjoy working at Jeff Glover & Associates because the environment is so “tight knit” and very conducive to growth, training and maintaining a strong mindset! As the market shifts, we continue to stay focused on learning and growing and how to best serve our clients! This all comes from being coached and trained by one of the best mentors in the Country in Jeff Glover! I love the challenge Real Estate provides as the market is ever changing and everyone’s situation is different and presents new opportunities to learn and grow!

—Kristy Glover
Kristy Glover
Jane Evans
I had been a Realtor for 13 years prior to coming to Jeff Glover & Associates. During those 13 years I relied solely on my past clients, soi, open houses and incoming calls for my business. This is called passive business that comes to you without much effort. After becoming a single mom I quickly realized this was not how I was going to be able to feed my family and be successful at Real Estate. I joined Jeff Glover & Associates 2 years ago because I was impressed with the business model, the team he had built and the success he was having. Ever since I have learned how to ensure I have a stable and successful real estate business and have doubled my business and income in just short 2 years. I am so thankful for have been given the opportunity to work with this amazing team and provide me the financial security for me and my family! No other team, broker or agent that I am aware of can provide the level of training, opportunity, and guidance to become a successful real estate agent with consistent income. For that, I am truly grateful.

—Jane Evans

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